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04-01-2014  - Something I've been Curious about:

Denatured Alcohol Vs Pentacryl - an Experiment in Accelerated Wood Drying

Denatured Alcohol
Spread Sheet
Denatured Alcohol Pentacryl Spread Sheet

Note: This is something of a work in progress and will be updated when items are turned and finished.

The spreadsheet details out drying times, moisture content, weight and so-on.

An Apartment Dweller's Guide to Wood Turning - 05-2013

Pen Turning

A look at turning tools for an apartment.

Banksia, Etc.

Banksia Pods, Etc

Banksia Pods, Fish Whackers, Deviant Art,,,



Various Bowls


New Pens

Pen Turning for 2013 - A Brand New Plan

Plus Commentary and helpful hints on a variety of pen turning materials.

Deer Antler
Some Early Pens

Turning a 7mm pen.

Osage Orange
Turning Pens from Cross Cut Woods - Featuring Osage Orange

Spalted Pen
Pens from Spalted Wood

Turning a Cigar Pen from Spalted Wood and CA Glue Finishes

Deer Antler

Turning a 'Mesa' Style Pen from Deer Antler

Turning a Cigar Pen from a Banksia Pod

7mm Banksia
Turning a 7mm Banksia Pod Pen

Turning Acrylic, Acrylester and Plastic Pens

Duchess Pen

Acrylic, Acrylester and Plastic Pens Revisited in 2012, Featuring the Duchess Pen

Coffee and Cream
Turning a Coffee and Cream, Acrylester Pen

Spalted Maple

Turning a Spalted Maple 7mm pen and Perfume Pen using a CA glue finish

Bullet Pens

Turning  Bullet Pens in Acrylic or...Leonard's First Pen

Wall Street II from Barn Wood

Turning Wall Street II Pens from Barn Wood

Bolt Action Bullet Pen

Turning a Bolt Action Bullet Pen

Pen Blanks and Inlay

Pen Blanks

Green Pen Blanks from the Urban Jungle

Fake Nuggets

Inlay Materials - (AKA Fake Chinese Turquoise Nugget)

Hair Sticks

The Next Generation

The Hair Stick Chronicles

A Hair Stick Primer