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Maple and Sweetgum Other Bowls
Green Wood Maple Bowl       Barn Wood Dish - 06-2013
Green Wood Salad BowlsBlack Walnut Bowl with Inlay
Maple Crotch - Wood Bowl Flame Box Elder - From Green to Finished in 6 months - 07-2014
Salad Bowl Journal Part 1 Hedge Apple - Osage Orange
Salad Bowl Journal Part 2 Hedge Apple - Osage Orange Bowl with Inlay
Spalted Maple Bowl - 10-2009 Hedge Apple - Osage Orange Widget with Inlay
Spalted Maple Bowl with Inlay Mallee Desk Set
More Maple Mallee Natural Edge Bowl
Sweetgum BowlsManzanita

OtherMyrtlewood Salad Mixing Bowl
Green Wood to  Finished Product in < 6 Months!  Part 1Offering Bowl - 12-2013
Green Wood to  Finished Product Part 2Russian Olive - 08-2014
Turning a Noggin - 05-2016