Nevada Landscaping Series

Landscaping Chapter 4 Red Ants to Dead Ants  - How to help them make the Transition
Red AntHeader

Red Ants are one of the banes of Nevada Living.
They Bite, Sting, Kill Vegetation, Make Life Hell for Pets and in my Opinion they have no Redeeming Virtue

Mound in the morning

A typical  Red Ant nest looks something like this in the early morning.

Wait until it is nice and hot outside.

Eighty Plus degrees is a good temperature to start with. 

Diazinon Ring

Apply a ring of  ant killer around the nest and then stir the pot.
Shove a stick in the nest hole.  Get the ants nice and angry.
Video of Highly Agitated Red Ants

The object is to get large numbers of the ants outside; attacking, eating and carrying
ant killer down into the nest where the queen will hopefully take a bite or two.

Ants History

An hour or so is all it takes to shut down a nest if you  use the right insecticide.

Not sure what kind of Ant killer to use?

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine:


This stuff is unfortunately no longer manufactured but you can buy existing supplies.

I highly recommend it for Red Ants and  Ebay is a great place to find it.

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