The Waterfall Fire - July 14, 2004

A Detection and Initial Dispatch: 0257

Cause: Abandoned Campfire

Location: hills west of Carson City

Responding Resources: Carson City Fire Department (CCFD) and Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF), and USF Humboldt-Toiyabe Forest (HTF).

Type-3 Organization formed at 0600 with IC’s from NDF, CCFD and HTF.

Type-2 ITM ordered at 0800 based on complexity analysis.

In the very early morning hours of Wednesday, July 14, 2004 what was to become one of this areas most devastating wildfires broke out in Carson City's Kings Canyon.

Six years of drought, fickle winds and a community half heartedly committed to defensible space spread the explosive fire in every direction.

The final damage totals – 8799 acres burned, 31 homes lost or damaged, 3 businesses lost or damaged, 32 out buildings lost or damaged and 51 vehicles lost – are devastating to those whose property was affected, but can be somewhat balanced by one very important statistic: there were no human lives lost, and no civilian injuries as a result of the fire. Financial costs rise daily - thus far estimates are reaching the $5 million dollar mark.