You are Not Alone!

Need I Say More? Boy if you ever felt  you were alone about having an innate distrust of all things dental, you are definitely not alone.

Some months ago I started noticing a considerable uptick in dentistry related search terms.  This has slowly been escalating.  I wonder why.  

And what is up with Virginia, anyway?  Lee's Summit, MO seems to produce a number of search terms not exactly suitable for print material as well.

By the looks of it, having a dental degree is like having your own monetary printing press complete with license to steal.

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to start posting dental related search terms.  At least I know now that I am not the only one who is conspiracy minded and mistrustful of just about everything dental.  Enjoy.
Attorneys in lees summit that will see patient   
Can a dentist diagnosis deep cleaning without probe readings?   
Do dentist fraud teeth cleaning   
Cavity Scams (9)   
Child with cavities dental scam   
Crown lengthening scams   
Deep cleaning dentist scam (3)   
Deep cleaning has ruined my teeth   
Dental crown broken asking for money back   
Dental fraud lying about cavities (3)   
Dental fraud drilling for cavities   
Dental hmo scams (2)   
Dentist claims he found cavities with diagnodent   
Dentist remove tooth without deep cleaning scam   
Dental scams cavities (2)   
Dental scams charging less than what he charged insurance company   
Dental scams extra cleanings   
Dental scams filling cavities that were not there   
Dental scams how long should my fillings last   
Dental scams with gum disease (2)   
Dental scams gum probing   
Dental scams (6)   
Dentist drilling teeth to get insurance money   
Dentist filling fraud   
Dentist hello new patient letter   
Dentist how lost their license for negligence   
Dentist lied about cavities   
Dentist lied filled all my teeth   
Dentist loses license for fraud   
Dentists lying about cavities for money   
Dentist periodontal disease scam   
Dentist related patient for cavities that didn t need to be done   
Dentist replace fillings scam      
Dentist says child has 10 cavities two more dentist say none how do you complain?   
Dentist scams crowns   
Dentist scam deep cleaning Scam Fraud (3)   
Dentist scams (3)   
Dentist scams filling cavities that were not there (2)   
Dentist scams grooves   
Dentist sued for fraud to their patients   
Dentist/hygienist office affair   
Dentists filling childs first teeth cavities a scam   
Dental scams periodontal disease   
Dentists sued for fraud to their patients   
Dental tooth root decay scams   
Dental work scams   
Dentists using diagnodent charged with insurance fraud   
Dentists who do deep cleaning in lees summit mo   
Diagnodent cavities scam (2)   
Dagnodent fraud?   
Diagnodent fraud dentist laser for cavities   
Diagnodent fraud dentist laser for cavities   
Diagnodent insurance fraud   
Diagnodent lawsuits   
Diagnodent skeptic   
Do dentists sabotage teeth   
Do dentists scam people   
Do dentists lie to people about cavities to make money (2)   
Do some dental cavities not show up on x ray?   
Fraud dental abscess   
Has anyone ever sued a dentist office over scamming the insurance company   
Hmo dental fraud   
How can you tell you have a cavity from an xray   
How does a patient know if hygienist did good job cleaning your teeth   
How long to wait for recommended deep cleaning dentist   
How much do crowns cost for teeth through a dental school?   
How one knows they have commited dental insurance fraud   
How to get crown lengthening paid by insurance   
How to report insurance fraud by hygienist   
Hygienist dentist scam   
If hygienist have their own practice do i still need to see a dentist   
Indiana dentists scammed   
If a dentist office tells you one thing and your insurance says another   
Is it scam to clean teeth every 6 months   
Is deep teeth cleaning a scam?   
Is deep cleaning necessary or a scam   
Is dentist fluoride rinse a scam insurance won t pay   
Is diagnodent a scam   
Is gum scraping a scam      
Is it a law that you have to have x-rays to get your teeth cleaned   
Is it legal in nevada for a dentist to let a company use the dentist s license   
Is it common for dentists to lie about a patient having cavities to get money?   
Keep quiet at dental school   
Laser dentistry scam   
Lawsuits crown lengthening   
Money making scam dental office new patient   
My dentist did my full mouth exrays a year too soon. so insurance did not cover it   
My dentist is scraping the enamel off my teeth; is he liable?   
My dentist says it is illegal to do cleaning without an exam   
Paid for crown lengthening but not done   
Paranoia of the dentist and the money they ask for   
Periodontal disease scam dentist (3)   
Please i need some advice i am having a deep bone gum cleaning he told me he is not cutting my gums just doing a deep bone   
Procedures that dentist do is fraud   
Repairing a gum line cavity   
Replacing fillings scam   
Root canal fraud how dentists try to convince people they need root canls   
Root scraping scraping scam dentist   
Scam deep cleaning teeth   
Scam dental treatment child   
Scams dentists will pull   
Scams in dentistry   
Second deeper cleaning scam dentist   
Stories of patient non compliant with dental x-ray   
Things you didn t need to know dentistry   
Unethical cavities   
Unethical dentist hmo fraud   
Unethical dentists indiana   
Unhappy yelling dental patients   
Unnecessary root canals scam   
Virginia board of dentistry how long to keep dental xrays   
When a dentist will get their license pulled   
Went to dentist and they found a lot of little cavities   
What to do if you are dental fraud victim   
Where to report dental fraud   
Who can fill teeth by law when you have a cavity   
Will a dentist lose his license if he does not give a patient xrays before cleaning their teeth?   
Would a dentist lose his license if he did not take xrays of a patients teeth befor they were cleaned?    

If you have your own dental love story and wish to share, send it along.  I suspect you will have a lot of company.