September 2007 Market Timing Update

"If money is the root of all evil, then why do churches accept donations?""

- Unknown


General Comments

Bob's outlook into 2008 is still positive and I am stuck somewhere up in the Yukon so this is going to be a rather short update.


Buy on weakness.  Otherwise dollar cost average in.  Bob is happy.

Personal Portfolio

Anyone notice Warren Buffet has been buying up railroad stock?  Have a look at the Hodges Fund (HDPMX)  if you would like to diversify a bit in that direction.

One might look at this fund and notice the high expenses.  Also notice the high returns.   While expenses are always a consideration,  consider performance as well.

Owens Corning - Still holding.

Other than that, lets see...............

Going through customs, there was a guy with a hard hat explaining why he was entering Canada weekly and customs wanted to know why.  He said Cabella's is planning on five stores in Canada for starters and he was part of the construction survey crew.


 To quote Fox,  "We report - you decide."