JULY, 2011

“Republicans study the financial pages of the newspaper. Democrats use them to line the bottom of a bird cage.”

~Will Stanton

The Professional Opinion - Snippet

DJIA: 1320.64



Snapping Turtle - Amana, IA 
Common Snapping Turtle - The only thing I really found of interest in Amana, IA.  I'd guess this guy was somewhere around 15 pounds.

Personal Portfolio
 I decided to take my own advice and go on vacation for the month.  By the looks of it, I didn't miss much.  

The Weiner

Well June was an uneventful month, the only exception being the numerous weinie roasts going on throughout the country.
Speculation is that the first child going to be named Ima Weiner or Yora Weiner.   I suspect these Weiners will not be of the Kosher variety.


Personal Portfolio 

Not much interested me at all last month so solely out of curiosity:


Chimera Investment Corporation is a spin-off from Anally Capital management (NLY), a REIT and one that I also happen to own.

The company typically yields a bit more than Anally, and I think some decent dividend producers can help mitigate portfolio fluctiations.
I  think that while interest ratess are as low as they are,  the risks from these two REITs losing much principal value is nominal.

One thing I have noticed over the past couple years is that prior to going ex-dividend, hit pieces generally come out, questioning the companies ability to sustain its dividend.  Some share holders panic and sell, driving the price down temporarily.  If I was looking to buy into something like this,  I would keep an eye on the news prior to the ex-dividend declaration and then buy while the share price is down.

Chimera is for me, a curiousity and a speculation.  I don't see the share price going much lower but who knows.  In the interim it is still paying two digits worth of interest.

Being from Nevada,  I think it's worth a gamble.

What Else.......  

Here's the portfolio allocations:

Sector Apr May June
Banks: 18.98% 17.97% 17.02%
Investing Co's 2.71% 2.73% 2.78%
Telecom / Inet 12.37% 12.36% 10.22%
Manufacturing 12.61% 12.78% 12.15%
Food / Sin  10.31% 8.42% 9.01%
Insurance 6.10% 5.92% 5.91%
Raw Materials---
Real Estate 5.42% 5.44% 7.36%
Tech 4.60% 7.24% 4.97%
MF -  G&I 7.23% 7.15% 7.36%
MF - Value 7.18% 7.56% 6.68%
MF - Small Cap 4.51% 4.94% 4.25%
MF - Large Cap 4.36% 4.38% 4.49%
Other @ 4% @3% @7.4%

Black Squirrel

Black Squirrel - the pride of Marysville, KS.  Marysville has some awesome mosquitos too.

That's it for this month.  Have a happy 4th of July!