June - July, 2014

'Ah silly me, and here I was thinking that the whole purpose of taxes was to fund the necessary operations of government, not to penalize people for various offenses against the government. '

~Bill Eaud


'...I choose not to return to work. At 61, retired with modest pension and gearing up for early Social Security, I could still have a part time job as a licensed RN in short order.

My problem?

Since my retirement income is taxed at both the state and federal level already, any additional income would be taxed too.

And working just to hand my income over to foreign countries, illegal immigrants, profitable corporations and generations of welfare just shuts me down.


Not me.

I'd probably get dragged into a court on trumped up charges because I touched someone and said "Good job, kid".'



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A pretty decent month, all in all.  The SNV reverse split worked out very well and Ford and DOW,  I'm quite happy with that.

What with all the teleprompters ILLEGAL ALIENS comeing in, it may pay to but some stock in toilet paper and huggies....
May has been an unremarkable month, although I thought there were some bargains to be had out there.

I decided to take a position in DDD because I liked the price and I suspect the sector is in its infancy. DDD seems to have the most potential for future value.   Price is right, anyway.

Shifting a bit towards a less volatile portfolio and a bit more yield, PETS was worth a small investment at the current price.

Something weird is going on with all those Central American kids showing up at the border, don't you think?  That has to be orchestrated..........

IGT - In and Out Again



Well well, I certainly did not see this one coming.   I sold everything after that first big run-up - took the money and ran.  I was not expecting to see a second spike in prices but that's ok.  The money is in the bank.  Who knows how that will work out and the deal could very well fall apart.  I think it's worth keeping an eye on....

Sold Nevada Copper too....


When a penny stock spikes up for no apparent reason (and this is not uncommon), my view is to take the money and run.  So I did.

This will probably be worth getting back into at some point but for now, a 13% gain is not bad at all.

And Reuters has an 'Outperform' rating on the stock..................a Pink Sheet Penny Stock...............really??

Staples (SPLS) a Nice Price if one is Looking for Yield.


I think  Staples is about as low as it is going to go and the price is attractive enough to do some accumulating, which I have been doing prior to the ex-dividend date. An additional bonus would be a surprise earnings announcement to the upside.  Staples ought to be due for something positive anytime now.  My current position is overweight by 3-4% in anticipation of some better news.

And who knows........this could also be a possible takeover candidate at these valuations.  I sure wouldn't mind seeing it jump a dollar or so in the near future.

3D Systems (DDD)  - Up 20% so Far!


I ended up selling half of the position in DDD and taking the profits.  The rest I am going to let ride for the longer haul.  3D got me to thinking  that not all 3D printing companies manufacture printers.  Some of them probably manufacture the ink (for lack of a better word), software and other 3D support equipment.

So after doing some looking around I came up with this:



Materialize  has been around for quite a while and very recently went public.  It sure didn't get the price bounce one might expect to see.

I think MTLS is worth looking at some more.  The fact that it is a foreign company and that there is some currency risk are a couple things to consider, as well as that it is a new IPO and is a microcap.......

But then again,  I did quite well with BGS foods........and later on BX.......... so maybe..........

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