June, 2010

"Markets do have a tenancy to fluctuate."

J.P. Morgan

The Professional Opinion

S&P 500 Index: 10136.63

This was a month of subscriber reassurance in the Bob goes on to suggest that market gyrations we are seeing is nothing more than a health restoring market correction.

The balance of the newsletter talks about secular bull trends within secular bear  mega trends and a couple other trends I probably missed.  The whole trend within trend thing kind of loses me, so I don't pay much attention to it.  For those who are interested:



The economy is turning around so stay fully invested and buy on the dips.

The Dow  May 6 (red) and May 10 (green)

This is why stop-loss orders in general for the individual investor (not trader), can be a really bad idea.  There's no telling how many people suffered permanent losses to their portfolios using stop orders and with no plausible explanations to date,  a day like the one on May 6 does nothing to inspire investor confidence.

Personal Portfolio
So much for making everything back...

The positive is that I think this is part of the normal correction process abnormally inspired by what is still a Wall Street mystery.

So we have no clue what happened that day and now the finest government money can buy, is attempting financial overhaul and reform in the midst of an already shaky market recovery. 

Boy that makes a lot of sense - nothing like adding more market uncertainty to an already uncertain market.

Another brilliant idea from the teleprompter.

Let's see, the teleprompter has demonized big business, big banks and big oil this month.  If you can figure out what it is going to demonize next month,  there may be a contrarian investment opportunity in the wings.

I am staying in a holding pattern.  If' you've got quality at what you think is a good price, why rock the boat.


Personal Portfolio


Well here's to the most expensive stock I've ever owned.....make that the most expensive equity.  Period.  
Ended up picking this up at $143 and change.  


I won't be too disappointed if GS ends up reaching the highs of 2007-2008 again.


Suncor is looking very attractive again.  I picked up more shares of that at $28.05.  Not quite the lowest of the lows but almost!
Bob is maintaining a buy on this anywhere below $33.00 a share so at these levels,  it is a very good deal.


In the midst of this turbulence, how is my wife's GNMA fund doing?  Have a look for yourself.  Kicks off monthly dividends too.
And for whatever reason,  Adam Bold and his Mutual Fund Store still steer people away from this fund.  Personally, I think he does so because this has been a very long term Bob Brinker pick and for that reason he wants nothing to do with it.

Fidelity does use leverage to boost this fund's returns and that is fine with me.

I think I will Test out a New Theory this Month:

1.  Keep some cash on  the side.
2.  In the third week of the month, start paying attention to who or what the teleprompter is currently demonizing.
3.  Wait for the stock or sector to start tanking. This usually happens during the last half of the month.
4.  Scoop up shares at below average prices.
5.  Sell those shares when the teleprompter loses focus, allows the shares to recover and begins demonizing something else.
6.  Repeat the process.

I'm only half-kidding as this seems to be happening fairly regularly.

Sound like a plan?

Chickens for Checkups

The Libs are not the only embarrassment to the country.  The conservatives have their morons too.  This one I thought had a chance but she was too stupid to immediately own up to the gaffe and continue on, which I think will not bode well for her election chances.

Rombauer Wine

If I was Sue though,  I would go for a bit more class when using the barter system.  

Thanks, Dave.