February, 2010

"If only the Teleprompter would keep its big fat ignorant mouth shut and stay out of the private sector and let the private sector recover on its own, we might actually have something of a  recovery."

~ Yours Truly

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S&P 500 Index: 1073.87

This is a month of blah, blah, blah.  

The economy is turning around and buy on the dips.


The economy is turning around and buy on the dips.

Snow Men

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Speech for school kids and no, this is no joke.

Well, the markets were doing just fine until the Teleprompter opened its big mouth.  Again.              
It apparently decided the communist position was not working as well as it had hoped,after the trouncing the Libs received in Massachusetts.

So, if  we can't turn communist, how about populist and go after the big banks, stirring up hate and discontent in the midst of an economy trying to recover from one of the worst recessions in decades.

This is yet another example that words mean things and there are those in lofty places who just don't seem to get that. They are far more interested in running their mouths and appearing on TV than they are in providing the country with any kind of coherent leadership.

Hell,  I'm reasonably sure Hillary could do a better job than this joker.

I think what is needed here is a re-programmed Teleprompter although there is a problem with that - sometimes you  get  mixed results...

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Well, let's see.  

What can the Teleprompter not f*&k up for us.  It turned around and slammed Las Vegas - again.  It has something against the Silver State, Las Vegas in particular.  It may be that it doesn't like Harry or maybe it caught a disease that keeps on giving in one of the adult clubs that cater exclusively to VIT's (Very Important Teleprompters).

It also decided to go after banks and lending institutions.......and just wait until you get slammed with the new taxes that are looking to hit everyone.  The teleprompter is even for taking away teacher's $250.00 a year exclusion for buying school related supplies.  

This is not funny anymore.

A Strong Recommendation - Buy Comcast (CMCSA) at these prices and hold.  You won't be disappointed.

A Really Strong Recommendation - If you can get Suncor (SU) at these low prices (below 33).  Buy and hold.  You really won't be disappointed.

Teleprompters have all kinds of uses...