Rufus Outtakes

Lap Dog - Not

September - 2007

Don't let the picture fool you.  This is not a Cairn wanting to be an affectionate lap dog.  
This is a Cairn who finally figured out he can see more being up high.  

A Cairn jumping up onto your lap is not a study of grace in motion.

It can be more characterized as a mad scramble up the pant legs followed by a hard braking action
into the more sensitive areas of your anatomy.

A  Cairn also views the lap area as a launching pad and if you have one of the stockier Cairns......
well,  I leave that to your imagination.

Wine & Dog

Just in case you thought I was kidding..........

Getting Even

Getting Even.

Look familiar?

I wonder where he learned this trick?

The Ball

The Ball

Night Vision

I was reading about dogs and low-light vision the other day  and was surprised to learn that it is quite acute.
There is a structure in their eyes which collects light and enables them to see well in low light.   The trade off it seems,
is that their daylight vision is not that good.


Now we have entered a new stage in life.  Blankey and Ball are not quite as comfey as the couch at three in the morning.

Cairn Penance

Grab the Dog

After several weeks of totally obnioxious behaviour,  our cairn involuntarily goes to confessional and always needs a little assistance when paying penance for his sins.

Got Him!

Got him!


Now I know that facing up to misdeeds is a hard thing to do so we provide a bit of help.


Immersion in water is supposed to have something with redemption so we will give that a shot.

Bath Time

I think I see a little sorrow in those eyes.

Bath Time

Do I see a measure of regret for bad behavior?



Or Not

Or maybe not.